Sunnyland Satsuma Farm

With the planting of the first stand of Satsuma Trees in January of 2003 Sunnyland Satsuma Orchard was established to produce Quality Satsuma Mandarin citrus for sale to Wholesale and Retail distributors, as well as to families and individuals interested in picking their own. BUY LOCAL BE HEALTHY!

In addition, our further objectives are to: 

  • Create a unique space to enjoy and learn about nature
  • Maxamize Satsuma yield while limiting the Carbon footprint
  • Enhance profit by innovative marketing, sales and distribution
  • Develop innovative Value Added Satsuma products

Seward Farms

Come to the border of Mississippi and Alabama on Tanner Williams Road, and you'll find tons of family fun, fresh air, twisting corn maze, fantastic food, and an evening by a crackling fire!

The Mobile Zoo

Feed the Big Cats
Bring 10 pounds meat for one cat preferred from "Food For Less" grocery store and you will feed them.
Preferred meat whole chicken, chicken and/or turkey parts, pork chops or roast, beef steaks or roast.
Don't forget the livers and hearts(CALL to SCHEDULE)